I Played Wild Card Chip for Gameweek 2

Though I had put my best efforts to choose the best team for this season, at least for the first few Ganmeweeks. Even after the good performance of Salah and Aubameyang I only got 59 points. So I decided to activate my wildcard chip for GW2. Though it could be crazy for some people as it is just the start of the season, I am playing my wildcard option. Read on and you will find out why I decided to do so.

First checkout my team of Gameweek 1

gameweek 1 team
My gameweek 1 team (59 Points)

I have created my team by focusing on the defenders. Both Van Dijk and Alexander were in the squad. Except Van Dijk none of the defenders even gave me 2 points. So just in the first game week I learned that I made a mistake by wasting money on defenders. In Gameweek 1 even some cheaper defenders performed well. Azipilicueta in my squad played just for 5 minutes. So there is no guarantee he will play the next match. I am also eager to include the KDB and Fernandes in the GW2 as I am not expecting Salah and Auba will repeat their performance in the next GW. So the reasons to play the wildcard so early are:

  • First I need to do many adjustments by transferring at least 4 players. So it is better to play wild card instead of point deduction.
  • Second is that prices are still almost the same this Gameweek. After this there will be price increase and that could be difficult to re-arrange the team. You can check the players daily price changes here. So I decided to re-create the time right now.

Strategy for Gameweek 2

The second Game week is a big one for FPL managers, as some of them will use their wildcards as like me, while others will choose to keep them.

Everton played last weekend, and they are in the top half of the table, so they are desperate for a win against West Bromwich Albion. West Brom, who look like a team that will struggle in the Premier League this season. Everton also look like a much more creative team following the arrival of Jamez Rodriguez and Calvert-Lewin.

Manchester City travel to Wolves for the start of the season. Liverpool face Chelsea on Sunday. When it comes to the aforementioned Salah, the argument comes into play: age – old form versus style of play. The next few games for Liverpool are tricky but a brave manager would be prepared to sell him after Saturday’s heroics. Hopefully he will repeat the form against Chelsea.

Since leaving on the right wing last season, Aubameyang has picked up where he left off, scoring the winning goal. Fernandez played very well last season, So if he continue his form in this season well, he is a good bargain in place of Salah.

So Finally here is my suggested team for Gameweek 2

It could be slightly changed at the last moment according to latest trend & situation.


  • Ryan (4.5)


  • Van Dijk (6.5)
  • Wan-Bissaka (5.5)
  • Egan (5.0)
  • Gabriel (5.0)


  • Salah (12.0)
  • De-Bruyne (11.5)
  • Fernandes (10.5)
  • Lundstram (5.5)


  • Wilson (6.5)
  • Culvert-Lewin (7.0)


Pope (5.5), Strujik(4.0), Klich (5.5), Bamford (5.5)

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